We help clients get the benefits of technology with minimum fuss.

We started by providing consultancy services in 1995 to the UK telecoms sector. Our focus then and now has always been on client outcomes.

We have worked with companies including British Telecomm, Enterprise Data Systems, Hewlett Packard, Department of Work & Pensions, Microsoft, Oracle, Ford, ABN Amro, Deutsche Bank, Cassidain, Takeda and AstraZeneca.

Working across a myriad of verticals, we have provided consultancy services including development, architecture, design, strategy and planning.

We set out to provide ‘pure consultancy’ i.e. provide expertise and experience to those clients who need to get the benefits of technology with the minimum fuss.

We are immensely proud of our client focus and the benefits that brings to our clients. So we are going to continue to do exactly that. Remain focused on outcomes for our clients. 

We don’t have any grand plans to disrupt or challenge the technology industry. That is not what we are about.

We will continue to keep on top of the latest developments in platforms and services and use our expertise to help our clients get the most from technology.

As technology changes so do we. But we keep our core focus on client outcomes and results.

We don’t do mission statements or holistic visions for the future. We love what we do and how it benefits our customers…simple.

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