cordapse. About Us

How Cordapse started…

Way back in 1995 Cordapse started as a small consultancy providing support services for BT. The early years gave us great exposure to a myriad of systems and services. More importantly it set in stone our focus on client outcomes

Since those early days Cordapse has worked with companies including EDS, HP, CSC, DWP, Microsoft, Oracle, Ford, ABN Amro, Deutsch Bank, Cassidian, Amazon, Takeda and AstraZeneca on projects from systems design to strategic planning.

As the technology landscape changed we soon realised that the traditional consultancy model hadn’t changed in a way that benefits its clients. In fact quite the opposite! 

With this in mind we set out to provide ‘pure consultancy’ i.e. provide expertise and experience to those clients who need to get the benefits of new technology with the minimum fuss.

As technology changes so do we. But we keep our core focus on client outcomes and results.

Cordapse - our journey

Where Cordapse are going….

Firstly, we are immensely proud of our client focus and the benefits that brings to our customers. So we are going to continue to do exactly that. Remain focused on outcomes for our customers. 

Secondly, we don’t have any plans on disrupting or challenging the IT industry. That really is not what we are about.

Thirdly, we will continue to gain up to the minute knowledge of the IT landscape and most importantly use that knowledge to help clients in their decisions, plans and implementations.

We don’t do mission statements or holistic visions for the future. We love what we do and how it benefits our customers…simple.

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