Removing obstacles for businesses and employees is the essence of successful digital workspaces.

Successful workspaces should foster creativity, efficiency and innovation for any organisation.

We are experts in the design and delivery of truly exceptional workspaces that empower organisations and their employees.

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How We Add Value

Cordapse has been delivering digital workspaces across many industries since the inception of the internet. The advances in the cloud means we can deliver more connected, collaborative and consistent workspaces for our clients.

We provide solutions to business problems. Primarily, this is through the delivery of successful workspaces.

Digital workspaces can provide flexibility, collaboration, productivity and enhanced engagement. Therefore, it is important that your workspaces work for you, and more importantly, your employees.

Firstly, we have provided solutions to almost every business problem. Secondly, we have a wealth of experience in designing and delivering digital workspaces. Thirdly, and most importantly, we can quickly and effectively provide suitable workspaces.

Our Digital Workspace Services

Cordapse have a range of digital workspace services to underpin the successful delivery of solutions to business problems. Moreover, our digital workspace services are designed to be flexible and maximise productivity.

Digital Workspaces Approach

Our approach is about working with you, understanding your business problem so we can deliver the right solution for you.

  1. Work with you to identify the problem and its the effect on your business.
  2. Identify the best solution, platform and delivery mechanism for your organisation.
  3. Guide you through our proposed solution and identify the benefits to your organisation.
  4. During implementation, we provide regular updates and demonstrations to ensure visibility.
  5. Provide training and user familiarisation once the system is in place.
  6. We provide support for your organisation post-implementation.

Digital Workspaces Services

  • Information Management – Intranets, Document Management, Team Sites, Project Sites
  • Business Process Automation – Approvals, Reviews, Time sheets, Case Management, Booking Systems
  • Bespoke Workspaces – LOB Systems Integration, Web Sites
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