Artificial Intelligence can take many forms. Additionally, there are many different types of systems that come under the AI banner.

For instance, text, voice and image recognition.

The advances in AI from Microsoft and the Azure platform means a business can get more from AI.

Choosing AI depends on your business goals. For instance, text analysis for documents

Migration Pains

We show, in this example, how AI can help. We focus on common pains that businesses face in digital transformation.

Document migration is painful, particularly moving file shares to SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Bulk movement of documents isn’t difficult. However, classifying them is. It is also time-consuming and costly.

Tools are available. However, they require knowledge of the content, a mapping exercise and some cost.

Artificial Intelligence and Migration

Ideally, document migration should be able to classify on demand.

Azure provides a solution to the problem.

  • Text analysis can extract keywords from documents.
  • Workflows manage the extracted words.
  • Consequently, uploaded documents are automatically classified

AI Example

Adding a document to a library.

Firstly, a workflow reads the content of a document.

Secondly,  we extract the keywords from the contents.

Finally, the keywords are added to the document field.

Our first document is analysed and the keywords are extracted from it.

articial intelligence and document classification

Similarly, our second and third documents are analysed and the keywords extracted from them.

The keywords are stored as phrases in a text field. These could be added to any field as needed.

This is a simple example.

However, it shows the value of AI in a painful side of digital transformation.

If you would like to know more about AI and how it can help your business please reach out to us

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