Digital transformation can mean different things to different businesses and it is not only for large organisations. Small businesses are in an ideal position to take advantage of transformation.

Essentially digital transformation refers to the change and adoption of business processes to accommodate technologies.
Adopting these technologies should align with a business strategy. 

There is no greater driver than increased efficiency and reducing overheads.
This is particularly applicable to small businesses who operate in a competitive market place. 

You should assume your competitors are looking at digital transformation.

Where do you start your digital transformation?

Adapting and indeed adopting to the ever changing digital landscape can be a daunting task but the opportunities to gain efficiency are huge.
Small businesses have one major advantage over larger businesses – they can change quickly and get the advantages of digital transformation in a relatively short time.
So where do you start on the journey?


Firstly align your company objectives with a digital strategy – this does not have to be onerous or all encompassing. For example if one of your objectives is to become more efficient in processing invoices, then your digital strategy should reflect this ‘Automate processes that are identified as inefficient’

Look at your most immediate problems and see if technology can remove the problem. This may be something as simple as ensuring everyone has access to their information on any device, or moving to a paperless office.

Some questions you may need to consider are:

  1. How will employees feel about working with new systems?
  2. Will the technology that is introduced be scalable enough to support our business growth?
  3. What support do we need to give to our employees during the transition?
  4. What platforms and expertise do we need to maximise any investment?

digital transformation


There is a huge amount of opportunity in leveraging digital tools for small businesses. The real challenge is not whether they should adopt but how they make the most of the opportunities afforded by digital transformation.
Small changes to problem areas can reap instant benefits and increase productivity dramatically giving you that competitive edge.
The key to good technology is that it provides tangible benefits for your business once you have identified where you want to make improvements.
Choosing the right technologies can be difficult – we can help you align your business objectives with the right platform.

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