Organisations that need to work within the limits of validation and GXP should consider the impact of Office 365 on compliance.

Microsoft is rapidly introducing new applications and services to the platform. They are also adding new functionality to existing applications. 

This is great for end users who have a lot of applications to choose from. However, these additions and changes introduce the risk of non-compliance. Especially if they are not configured and controlled in the right way.

If you are a new or existing Office 365 organisation you need to ensure the platform is compliant 

Office 365 Health Check Report
Office 365 Validated Systems

Office 365 Validated Systems Considerations

Microsoft are continually changing the Office 365 platform.

As a consequence, this effects compliance. Changes and new services to the Office 365 platform effect validation.

MS Teams, for instance, is a prime example.

Firstly, adoption has been high and the platform is going through a number of changes. 

Secondly, Teams is a disruptive platform for compliance, with the constant changes to the platform.

Thirdly and most importantly, Teams is popular for organisations who want better collaboration and communication. 

However, it needs to be managed and maintained for compliance.

In addition, you need to give users effective tools..

Similarly, the same can be said of the applications in Office 365, including Email, Planner, SharePoint, OneDrive etc

Any Office 365 application, service or system will need to support the following for GXP and compliance:

  • Information management for auditing, retention, and expiration
  • Security for integrity, access, risks and mitigation
  • Data integrity for life-cycle, storage and processing
  • Traceability for changes, additions and deletions

There may, for instance, be requirements for global and regional compliance e.g. GDPR in the EU
Additionally, other policies need to be considered.

These may include data loss prevention, data privacy, data retention policies and classification policies.In other words, there is a lot to conside

Office 365 validated systems – how can we help?

If you are already using or considering using Office 365, we can help.

We identify what you need to implement, remove or change on your platform.

Cordapse specialise in Office 365 compliance in regulated industries.

We help clients meet their compliance needs and get the benefits of Office 365

Our Approach

We use a tried and tested approach which includes:

  • Validation Scope to identify your compliance needs
  • Platform Scope to identify what applications in Office 365  need validation.
  • Gap Analysis to identify your current Office 365 state against your compliance needs and what needs remediation.
  • Corrective actions to define the changes needed to meet compliance.

If you would like discuss making your Office 365 platform compliant then please do reach out to us.

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