Collateral UK had seen a major growth in its business and consequently, the infrastructure it relied on did not have the scalability to support further growth. Collateral therefore needed to scale up and quickly to avoid any disruption in their success. They were aware of the potential benefits of the cloud.

They needed a partner that would help them quickly realise those benefits.

Firstly, working with Collateral, Cordapse carried out an initial assessment of the current IT functions, infrastructure and business processes. 

Secondly, we performed a review of their current operations.

Thirdly we created a roadmap of change to support Collateral’s anticipated growth for medium and long term.

Additionally, Cordapse reviewed the current TCO and ROI for their legacy systems.

This helped in selecting and implementing a scalable infrastructure.

Cordapse selected the most cost-effective and functional platform to meet the future needs of Collateral’s business growth.

Initially, a new cloud-based platform, Office 365, was selected and implemented for Collateral. This would provide the scalability and functionality to support their growth.

In addition to this, a strategy plan was introduced to provide a level of management for service introduction. Important, given the ever-changing landscape of functionality provided by the cloud.

Collateral has a platform that provides them with:

  • Scalability in terms of infrastructure, applications and users
  • Access to their systems anywhere and on any device
  • Increased SLAs for systems availability
  • Reduction in TCO and an increase in ROI
  • A strategic roadmap for change to support their growth
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