The client, a global communications consultancy, needed a clear view of finance and billing across all accounts. So they contacted Cordapse for advice and guidance, to help select and implement a business intelligence solution.

Their financial system provided limited client billing reporting. Consequently, they needed a more detailed system providing:

  • Resource allocation.
  • Burndown reporting.
  • Billing history. 
  • Expense reporting.

Additionally, the client wanted to view the information on any device and location.

We worked closely with the key stakeholders, the MD and the finance department to clarify the business problem.

Firstly, we identified the information source and format. 

Secondly, we identified the information to support the dashboards. 

Finally, and most importantly, the type of reports required. 

The information was gathered across two workshops which included:

  • Assessing the required reporting.
  • Identifying data sources and formats.
  • Gap analysis of what was currently being captured.
  • Current platform suitability.
  • Plan and impact of change on the business.

As the client used Microsoft Cloud, Cordapse used its existing expertise to create a system to capture the information required and, also, provide suitable business intelligence dashboards using out-of-the-box functionality.

Using SharePoint lists and PowerBi, the client can capture and report in real time across all projects.

Consequently, the client has a solution providing:

  • Secure access to full financial reporting on any device in any location
  • Informed business decisions on project progress and billing
  • A single secure platform for data capture and reporting
  • A system that can be extended at minimal costs and with minimal business disruption
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