Collateral provides a property-backed global lending facility for borrowers looking for business investment. Investors have access to a range of investment opportunities, giving them an option to create a diverse portfolio. However, the system did not provide a central dashboard or mechanism to get a unified view of investments.

Firstly, Collateral wanted a more joined-up approach for them and their investors.
Secondly, they recognised their systems were functional but also lacked business intelligence.

Thirdly, and most importantly, they didn’t have a view of certain aspects of their operations.

Consequently, Collateral needed a system allowing them to track investment opportunities in a central dashboard regardless of the source of information

Cordapse designed and implemented a solution in Microsoft 365 and PowerBi to gather disparate data into a central dashboard.

The presentation provided a global view, a personal view and KPI reports.

The dashboards were viewable on any device or location.

Collateral view the status of their operations immediately without retrieving the information from various sources.

The single source of the truth was updated dynamically without the need for human intervention therefore reducing risk.

The operational efficiencies gained from not having to search the information and have it presented to the business are significant.

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