We ensure your Office 365 platform meets your regulatory, compliance, security and governance needs

More and more organisations are using Office 365 and why not, it’s a great platform and includes Office 365 compliance features.

It provides lots of familiar features, lots of new ones and is being continually innovated by Microsoft.

Microsoft also provides a fairly functional and robust management dashboard.

You can apply global policies for security and compliance across many of its Office 365 applications.

Microsoft 365 Applications

Compliance in an ever changing landscape...

Office 365 is an ever changing platform. There are currently over 780 updates in the pipeline (July 2020).

Consequently it is almost impossible to ensure that your Office 365 platform remains compliant and secure.

Especially with such a dynamic and fluid frequency of change.

In addition, many of the new features and updates may add value to your investment in the platform.Therefore, you will want to take advantage of them.

We work with organisations to ensure that they get the most from Office 365.

 Above all, ensuring that your platform stays secure and compliant. 

Cloud compliance and experience...

We provide Office 365 expertise to help clients meet their regulatory compliance needs.

Cordapse have years of experience in regulated industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear, Energy, Finance and Manufacturing.

This helps our clients make the most of the benefits of Office 365 and remain compliant, secure and validated.

If you think you could benefit from an Office 365 health check please take a look here

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