Technology has moved on but the way organisations implement strategy hasn't

The traditional approach is often no longer fit for purpose with the ever changing technology landscape. Technology is moving fast and so should your strategy.

But it’s not all doom and gloom… fact quite the opposite. The changes in technology will provide you with the opportunity to deliver better business value from your IT platforms and that is where we can help you.


A focus that works

We use our expertise to work with you and your organisation to formulate, implement and measure a robust strategy that works for your business.

Cordapse focuses on a problem statement – a tangible issue that needs solving.

We take into consideration three key areas – technology, money and people when implementing any strategy. It is these key areas that have the most impact on a strategy and are areas that are often overlooked.

We move fast and build momentum from the beginning. You don’t want a drawn out, over elaborate strategy that is obsolete by the time you implement it! 

We focus on outcomes not outputs:

  • Discovery – we get to understand you, your company culture, your people, your business goals and your problem areas.
  • Collaboration – we work alongside your teams to assess your problem, its effects and the technology available that will resolve your issues.
  • Planning – we define a robust plan on how and when you will resolve your issues including a roadmap of change and its impact on people, money and technology.
  • Aftercare – we work with you to measure and monitor the implementation and its business value. 

There is little point in implementing a strategy to tick a box. We implement strategies that work and add value to you and your business

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