Office 365 Health Check for Healthcare Company

The business problem…

The client, a large international healthcare provider, had been using Office 365 for some time. They were aware that their early use of the applications within Office 365 could have issues. Specifically security, compliance and systems validation. Above all, they wanted an Office 365 Health Check Report to identify any problems.

To make sure their use met their security and compliance needs they asked Cordapse to perform a Health Check.

In addition, they wanted to create both local and global policies to meet regional requirements. This included GDPR in the EU

Office 365 Health Check Report

The approach…

Cordapse worked with the client to make sure the Office 365 health check report was focused on three core areas

  • Validated systems 
  • Security 
  • ISO compliance

In addition, we identified the scope of Office 365 applications that are being used

  • Exchange
  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • EndPoint

Once we had selected the scope and outputs we put together a plan for the health check.

The solution…

Cordapse provided a health check that focused on the Office 365 applications that were in scope.

For each application Cordapse provided an assessment of using the application for security, compliance and validation.

Similarly, we provided recommendations for the implementation of policies, rules and guiding principles.

This included both local and global requirements.

The benefits…

The client can now move forward in adopting Office 365 applications.

Above all, they can operate with the assurance that the rules and policies will be applied

Consequently the policies will support their security, compliance and validation needs now and in the future.

Office 365 Health Care Report

You can find out more information on our Office 365 Health Check Report here

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